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Join the Movement: 150,000 people have already replaced alcohol with TRIP

5 reasons why TRIP's the alcohol alternative of your dreams

1. Reducing the amount of alcohol you consume?

It's that time of year where 'new year new me' makes you rethink your everyday routine. You're starting to think about ways to reduce your alcohol consumption after all the festivities. We know how you feel and we know what you need!

Need an alternative to help you unwind in the evening? Something that tastes deliciously, helps you feel calm and has zero alcohol? TRIP is your answer.

Looking to switch out a glass of wine then try Peach Ginger, if you're for something a little sweeter try our best seller Elderflower Mint. Lemon Basil is the perfect alternative for a G&T.

2. Unwind without hangxiety

When you're coming home from work and want to indulge in that instant feeling of "work mode off home mode on" without any of the hangxiety then TRIP is your answer. Choose TRIP and you'll wake up feeling refreshed. It's proven that alcohol-free evenings lead to better sleep. Whoop reports that in 2023 the worst behaviour to affect user recovery was alcohol. 

3. Healthy alternative

What's more? At TRIP we don't add any sugar to our drinks, you'll only find 1g in each of our drinks. In comparison there's anywhere between 5g and 15g of sugar per glass of wine. Our drinks contain premium quality ingredients, they're lab-tested as well to make sure the purity is spot on. And we've won some awards too (Product of the Year 2023, Great Taste 2022 and Soft Drinks Brand of the Year 2023) so you know we're legit.

4. More sophisticated than a soft drink

Are you craving a more adult tasting non-alcoholic alternative? Something better than a sweet fizzy soft drink? Well, TRIP is for you. We've worked hard to refine our flavours to create complimenting notes in our drinks, in some flavours we've iterated over 40 versions to make sure the flavour is spot on. TRIP offers a more sophisticated flavour profile than soft drink. The combination of flavours in our drinks provide you with a layered and refreshing drink without needing alcohol.

5. Thousands of reviews

There's been over 150,000 calm customers thanks to TRIP. We've helped our customers find calm in the chaos of everyday life! And this year we've sold over 20 million cans of TRIP through our website and in some of the biggest supermarkets up and down the country. Check out what the Calm Club have been saying about TRIP here.



And when you try one can, you won't be able to resist sipping more and more.

Not sure where to start with TRIP? We recommend our Mixed Pack, the perfect mix of all our delicious flavours.